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Absolutely! Reliant Cellular has been in business since 2015, and our team remains dedicated to providing high quality new, used, and reconditioned wireless devices and accessories. Through a reliable network of suppliers and business partners, we can distribute a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and accessories.

We will go the extra mile to ensure every customer we interact with is completely satisfied. Learn more about us on our About Us Page.

To maintain the lowest pricing in the industry, we exclusively operate as an ecommerce retailer. Our facility consists of an office and a warehouse space with no showroom. The only way to browse our inventory and place an order is through our website or by contacting us directly.

Purchasing an unlocked phone gives you more options to choose from and more flexibility as to where you use it. Because an unlocked phone is not tied to a particular service provider, it can be used with any service provider in the world that operates on a SIM card-based network.

 Please contact us or call us directly at 1(800) 605-6335 for more information.

GSM (Global System for Mobile) Examples below:





CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Examples below:



Boost Mobile


Please contact us or call us directly at 1(800) 605-6335 for more information.

Our products are not always guaranteed to have manufacturer warranty available. Products could potentially show “prior activation” to this warranty because when the product is originally sold to our supplier the manufacturer considers this ownership and will start the time on their 1-yearwarranty clock. As some products are older models, it is possible that the warranty time may have run out when ownership transfers (i.e., from manufacturer to supplier to us to you). In this case, the warranty is not transferable and is not guaranteed.

For other warranty information feel free to contact us or call us directly at 1(800) 605-6335 at any time!

Troubleshooting Your Device

Carriers frequently tell customers their phone isn’t compatible, however, that is NOT accurate with unlocked phones. Why is that? Your carrier’s system is made to only recognize phones sold by them directly. Unlocked phones, or any phone directly from a factory, will be registered under a different system, therefore appearing unrecognized and incompatible to the carrier’s settings. But don’t worry, it is compatible, and there is an easy fix! Follow these 3 steps to get started:

1. Insert your ACTIVATED SIM card into your phone. Power it on, and connect to wi-fi.

2. If after inserting your SIM card into your phone and powering it on, if the phone prompts you to restart your phone, please do so. **Don’t skip this step!**

3. After the phone restarts, it will load your carrier settings and apps onto the phone and you are good to go!

If you have further issues, contact us here or call us at 1(800) 605-6335.

Most phone models (old and new) that have not been updated to the newest software tend to do have an excess of automatically operating background processes, such as: updating its software, updating applications, or transferring your information and accounts from the cloud. The best solution is to set the device into "power save mode" for a couple of days while it does this to keep from stressing and consuming battery power.

PRO TIP: Connecting to your Wi-Fi and properly setting up your device will help as well!

Often hardware issues are actually related to a Software issue and can be solved by Soft Resetting a mobile phone. Simply power your device off, wait for at least 10 seconds, and then power your device back on. This soft reset DOES NOT delete anything from your mobile phone and causes no loss of information from the device.  

PRO TIP: It’s never a bad idea to get into the good habit of powering off your mobile phone for a few minutes at least once every few days. This can help contribute to a nice, happy, and efficient working cell phone.

STILL NOT WORKING PROPERLY? Contact us here directly at 1(800) 605-6335for more help.

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Please be sure your SIM card is activated prior to installation.

Let's get started! Follow these 5 steps to easily setup your Unlocked device:

1. Power your device ON and remove SIM Card tray with the tray removal tool provided.

2. Insert your activated SIM card into tray.

3. Insert tray into device.

4. If prompted, restart device to ensure proper set up of SIM card. Please do not ignore this step!

5. Connect to WiFi and allow your device to download the new carrier settings. Please be patient, as this may take a moment to complete!

Need more help? Contact us directly by sending a message or calling us at 1(800) 605-6335!

Phones are complex, but thankfully, installing a SIM card is not! It all depends on what kind of phone you have, which determines what kind of SIM card you need and how exactly the installation process works.

iPhones & Samsung Galaxy Phones have a small access tray on the side of the device that is released by pushing in a paperclip or similar tool that comes with the phone into a small hole. (Be sure to press firmly!)

Some older Android models may require you to remove the back panel and battery to access the SIM tray.

The installation process is identical for every size SIM card, however when upgrading your device, switching devices, or switching service providers it is possible that you will need a new size of SIM. Please contact us or call us directly at 1(800) 605-6335 for a little extra help!

Having issues receiving data or connecting to your network? First, verify if your unlocked phone is compatible with your network using the links below.

NOTE: Not all unlocked phones are compatible with every network due to hardware limitations.

Apple Device Network Compatibility

Android & Any Other Device Network Compatibility

If it is compatible, then the next step will be to set the correct APN Settings using this APN Settings Guide.

If you have further issues contact us here or call us at 1(800) 605-6335.

In order for an unlocked phone to be considered “compatible” with every carrier certain settings/function must be disabled or cleared at the point of sale. It is very normal that slight adjustments are necessary to connect specifically to one intended carrier. In this case, Sprint requires the OMADM feature to work on their network. This notification/error code can be dismissed, and with a few quick steps you can stop it from coming up. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Go into Settings and find Apps

2. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner

3. Choose Show System Apps

4. Scroll down to Sprint OMADM and select Sprint OMADM Phone

5. Select Force Stop

The Sprint activation notification will then go away and it will not come on again, unless the phone is reset. Your service with your carrier will work fine, and you will not have any connection or compatibility issues.


For other issues or more information, contact us or call us directly at 1(800) 605-6335.

Plug your phone into the wall with the charger and cable provided, allowing the device to charge for at least one hour. If your phone still does have not power, please try another charger and cable to ensure the cable or charger is not defective and contact us directly for a replacement.

Should other issues arise, please contact us or call us directly at 1(800) 605-6335.

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